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It’s certainly been a long while since I’ve banned any eating establishment. Partly because I haven’t been eating out that very much, and when I do eat out, I usually go to the places which I know to be quite good.

So it was with quite some anticipation that I headed down to Brotzeit at Vivo for dinner with my colleagues.

First, the good stuff. Thurn und Taxis rye beer. Great stuff. Dark brown and malty and slightly sweet. One of the nicest beer I’ve tried recently.

“buggy function not well beer without… mmmm….. beer….”

Next, the food. We ordered almost the whole range of sausages and the portions were rather small. For $20, we got a small portion of sausage, a pile of baked potato (which was very nice) and a heaping pile of ubiquitous saurkraut (eek). Meh…. passable, if not pricey.

My beef is with the service. While the waitresses were fast, efficient (perhaps TOO much so) and ever willing to give suggestions, I intensely disliked the tactics used where our plates were instantly cleared once the last bite had been eaten, and our glasses whisked away the instant the last drop of beer disappeared between our lips. The worst part came when one of the floor staff came and asked if he could move the 7 or so of us to sit on 1 table meant for 4. This was blatently done so that the restaurant could free up 1 table to seat a new clutch of customers. WHAT’S UP WITH THAT??!

We sent him away with a terse “No chance.” and continued our merriment, but the bad taste was already in my mouth, and I’m not talking about the saurkraut. I don’t expect such tactics to be used by a supposedly upmarket establishment. While I understand that as a business, it is in their interest to turnover tables as fast as possible, but somehow I have the feeling this would not have happened to us if we were a table of middleaged caucasians in business suits.

Well here’s a cheers to a steaming mug of Brot-shite. First and last time for me. BANNED.

But the evening wasn’t ALL bad…

My astute compatriot Mr Nam’s Steven Tyler impersonation is scarily authentic.

“I don’t wanna close my EYEEESSSS~~ ….. I don’t wanna fall asleep….”

“…coz I miss you baby… and I DON’T WANNA MISS A THINGGGG~~~~!!”

Best. Karaoke. EVER.

Posted by: buggy | 29 October, 2007

Leopard Browses!

Anyone who’s been around me these past few days will probably know I’ve been talking about Apple’s Leopard OS X incessantly. And today I spotted a leopard (his name’s Leopold by the way) browsing… well… Leopard.

It’s insatiably cute I tell you.



Courtesy of

Posted by: buggy | 26 October, 2007

Leopard Pounces!


After 2 long years of waiting, the latest incarnation of the venerable Mac OS X has landed today.

No prizes for guessing that I’m laying my paws on this when they appear on the shelves. Wooo~~~ ain’t she a beaut? 🙂

Posted by: buggy | 24 September, 2007

Girls are like Stock Counters

I saw this really funny nugget while browsing the Channel News Asia Markettalk forum last Friday. It brought a chuckle to my lips.

“Girl are just like stock counter……… saw green green and put in all your investment in one counter and hoping it will forever green green……… it turn red red…….jialat liao….heart pain pain………so the lesson learn is diversify your investment on more counter……….don’t just concentrade on one counter……….there are lots of good counter out there……………once settle down, then go for the best counter that can go for long term ……………..err………I’m not telling u to flirt around…….. “

Posted by: buggy | 20 August, 2007

Housing Development Bug?

Amid the insane bustle of my current schedule, I had found a chance to make an application to take part in the ballot for the recent batch of 354 HDB flats in mature estates.

I had my eye on a nifty, quiet 5 room flat in Dover Cresent Blk 26.

So, I eagerly paid up $10 to submit my application to join the ballot. I figured, hey there are 354 flats right? If I get queue number 400 – 500, maybe I would still be in with a chance. That was sometime last week.

Lo and behold, I received an email from HDB today informing me of my allotted queue number:


Application for Flat under August 2007 Bi-Monthly Sale of 4-rm and Bigger Flats.

Registration Number : XXXXXXXXX
Your queue number is 07084.
About 10,000 applicants have applied for the 354 flats offered for sale. Applicants with queue number 3001 and above will be informed of their selection appointment if there are flats still available before their turn is due.
Please do not reply to this e-mail. If you have any queries, please email us at or call our Sales/Resale Customer Service Line at 1800-8663066 during office hours, Monday to Friday, 8.00am to 5.00pm.
Yours faithfully


Brilliant, just brilliant. Queue number 7084 out of 10,000.

I’d say a snowball has a greater chance of surviving the National Day Parade than I do of getting my desired flat.

For a moment, I did wonder if my number was the result of a Housing Development bug.

Posted by: buggy | 19 August, 2007

Metal on Metal

It’s not often that I find a mashup which I really like. But when you combine:

1) The penultimate fighting scenes from Tansformers The Movie (the original CARTOON movie, not the CG movie)

2) With the entrance music of one of my favourite WWE superstars Edge (The song is”Metalingus” by metal band Alterbridge)

… you get a totally awesome Transformers mashup.

Worthy of a blogpost I reckon.

(Check out Optimus kicking ass in the closing minute of the vid)

Posted by: buggy | 10 August, 2007

Still alive and Howling

Time really flies.

It seems an age since my last post, and it probably is.

Peak season at work combined with peak season at my stall makes it all but impossible to post anything coherent and meaningful except for perhaps some assorted ramblings.

But don’t worry, I’m still alive and kicking. 🙂

Here’s a vid of Abingdon Boys School’s song “Howling” which is hella catchy and is just a FINE piece of JRock. But of course, I’m hopelessly biased because they’re using an Apple Powerbook in the scene. Have fun trying to spot it! (hint: it’s shown within the first 1/5th of the video)

Enjoy and I promise to post again…. soon…..

Posted by: buggy | 2 July, 2007

MadTV announces new Apple products

Mad TV has come up with some pretty hilarious stuff in the past, and they deliver yet again with this skit. Needless to say, you’d have to be living in a deep, dark hole for the past 5 years to not get the political satire in this piece.

Posted by: buggy | 21 June, 2007

Coffeeshop Memories

I’ll have to admit, I’m not exactly a youngster. But I’m also not old enough to have had the pleasure of eating in many of the coffeeshops of my parents generation.Mention “coffeeshop” to the younger generation and they’d most probably relate to the now ubiquitous Kopitiam chain.

Gladly, there are still some remaining bastions of the coffeeshops of yore. Like the 2 Ophie and me visited for Sunday morning brunch. I’ll apologise in advance that there aren’t enough photos to convey the quaint atmosphere and retro charm of these places. You’d be best served to pay these old coffeeshops a visit before they disappear.

Mei Yuan Restaurant (East Coast Road)

Check out the Sai Baba painting on the wall…


Killer roasted meats. BY FAR, and I mean by the literal country mile, THE best wanton noodles I have ever had. And served on a plate, not in a bowl. 😉 The noodles were thin and springy, the char siew was REAL char siew, suculent and tasty. Not the usual dry paper-thin slices of pork with red colouring which many stalls try to pass off as char siew these days. A generous helping of nicely boiled veg rounds off the dish.

$2.50 and a mouthful of satisfaction

After filling our bellies with the wanton mee, we rambled across the road to Chin Mee Chin Confectionary. A bakery from times of yore, with really good coffee and kaya buns. Who knows how long these old coffeeshops will still be around for.

Chin Mee Chin (East Coast Road)

I for one, intend to enjoy them while they’re still around.

Posted by: buggy | 4 June, 2007

Buggy’s wheels

I finally picked up my first ever brand new vehicle last Friday, and yes, it’s a van.

I’ve owned a car before, back when I was studying in Perth, but hell, that was a 5th hand junker. A Mitsubishi Colt from the Stone Age. But I did love that car, as all first-time car owners do.

But now, I can zip around in my new baby. 🙂

And I got a pretty spiffy licence plate number too. Anyone who strikes 4D on this number, you know what to do eh…. *hint hint* 😛

In case you’re straining your eyes to see the number, it’s GBA3188T.

Snowy and Elly on a joyride, sun-tanning on the dash.


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