Posted by: buggy | 25 August, 2008

And the band played on….

The 2008 Beijing Olympics drew to a close last night, and while I didn’t watch much of it, I did manage to catch glimpses of some sports which I ordinarily wouldn’t even watch.

I managed to watch some taekwondo (I still can’t believe how unexciting it is, despite being a form of deadly martial art) and greco roman wrestling (I REALLY enjoy watching this for it’s sheer intensity and grit). I even managed to see Michael Phelps win 1 of his 8 gold medals in the pool.

So, speaking of pools, and sports I normally wouldn’t watch, iBon passed me the link to this Asian Kungfu Generation video which nicely combines both of the above. It’s about synchronized swimming. Go figure.

Do try to watch it all the way to the end… you won’t regret it… 😉


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