Posted by: buggy | 26 June, 2008

Blank Canvas

Big day for me today as I took leave from work to pop down to HDB to collect the keys to my new flat. 🙂

The whole process of signing my lease agreement and CPF deduction forms was surprisingly fast. The wait for my turn took barely 10 minutes. Getting to the HDB Hub lobby from the carpark took twice as long as that as I got LOST. 👿

After signing what must have been 10 sets of forms (IN DUPLICATE), I must have signed my name almost 100 times. Although I remember my hand being a little sore after that, nothing beats the hand-breaking agony of my scrambling to scrawl out 5 essays during my O Levels History exam. Hahahahaha!

So anyways, after completing all the paperwork, and collecting the keys, it was off to the flat to make an inspection of defects. I’ll have to report any defects which I find to HDB. And I DID find 2 defects in the quick inspection I made. I have a crack in my living room window, and a magnetic door stop missing from one of the room doors.

The Crack

Here are the rest of the pics I took today.

The Hall

The Hall (from the main door)

The Living Room

The Study

The view from my bedroom

It’s looking like it’s going to be a very busy few months to get my place done up. Definitely looking forward to it. 😉


  1. Nice =) Where is ur new place?

  2. New place is at Block 460, Clementi Ave 3.

    It’s a 5 minute walk from Clementi MRT, opposite the Clementi NTUC, and just beside the swimming pool. Feels like I’m living in a condo, with the gym and pool right below my block! 😀

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