Posted by: buggy | 23 June, 2008

Get In The Ring

I’ve loved watching wrestling since I was a wee lad. Some of my most vivid memories are of standing outside the indian video store (Sanjay Video in West Coast) with a rag tag bunch of old chinese and malay men, and a few other young kids, watching the wrestling videos being played on a crummy old TV.

The picture was poor, the sound worse, sometimes non existent, but the memories still stay with me.

When recently asked why I like watching wrestling, I simply answered, “we all know it’s fake, but sometimes, it’s good to escape into fantasy”. And truly, that’s what it is. I like to look at wrestling as much more than just sweaty men throwing themselves onto a mat and pretending to punch each other. It has evolved into what would seem to be the world’s longest running soap opera. With bad guys (“heels” in the industry speak) feuding with good guys (“faces”) over the most anything from tarnished honour, to girls, to money.

And the video above is a prime example of why the enjoyment of wrestling is not about the action in the ring, but about the fantasy it brings to us all. 🙂

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