Posted by: buggy | 11 May, 2008

Lost In Translation?

One of the things I love about watching anime is that I don’t speak nor understand a word of Japanese, save for those very common phrases. So I am completely reliant on subtitled episodes and bugging iBon to find out what this word means and what that phrase means.

What makes things more interesting is actually watching 2 identical anime episodes which are subbed by 2 different subbers. The result can be quite hilarious as evidenced from the screen caps below.

For the record, i’m a big fan of Shinsen Subs. They go great work.

Rumbel Subs

Shinsen Subs


  1. As mentioned, Rumbel is like:

    Ah Lian: Oi uncle, you don’t think you can fooo(l) me okeh!

  2. she’s going to beat him up?
    zhoooon boh?

    anyways, i’m thinking only Japanese customer service can put on a front like that while telling the customer to get lost… heh

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