Posted by: buggy | 21 April, 2008

Buggy Strikes TOTO!

Ok, so it’s not literally TOTO. But it’s pretty darn close. (for those of you who struggle to make it out, my queue number is 22)

After god knows how many attempts at the HDB ballot, each time with horrendous results, I have been blessed with a supreme stroke of luck! 🙂

Next stop, new flat!


  1. Congratulations on your good chances of getting that dream flat.

    Guess you are pretty settled down in your new job at UOB by now.

    Any good investment (read “low risk” and “high return”) to recommend?

  2. Hi Victor,

    Yeah, it’s been quite a long road to getting my flat but I’ve finally gotten it and now I’m staring at a big blank canvas! hahaha

    I’m well settled into UOB and busy as usual, as all project work is. Unfortunately I am now in the Internet Banking field, so I don’t really have LOW RISK and HIGH RETURN investments to recommend, but I can recommend you LOW LATENCY, HIGH BANDWIDTH internet banking! 🙂

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