Posted by: buggy | 18 January, 2008

My Favourite?

I have to say I hardly ever find my name on a menu. Ok, try…. never.

So it was with quite a considerable bit of surprise that I spotted a dish named after me, while having dinner with iBon at NYDC this evening.

Apparently, my favourite dessert is a Pineapple Carrot Cake. Well, I’m not exactly a huge fan of carrot cakes, but what the hey, it’s got my name on it. I definitely had to try it!

I’d have to say it was pleasantly nice. The carrot cake was warm, and had nice, fairly coarse carrot strips in it. Far too often, carrot cakes have carrot so finely shredded that one can hardly see any evidence of carrot at all. Paired with a nutty medley of Vanilla ice cream and pistachio with almond slices, it made a pretty nifty dessert.

And the REAL reason we were at NYDC? To grab a bite of the mythical Ugly Cake.

Isn’t that a face cake only a mother could love? 🙂 But for sure, it tastes much better than it looks.

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