Posted by: buggy | 5 November, 2007


It’s certainly been a long while since I’ve banned any eating establishment. Partly because I haven’t been eating out that very much, and when I do eat out, I usually go to the places which I know to be quite good.

So it was with quite some anticipation that I headed down to Brotzeit at Vivo for dinner with my colleagues.

First, the good stuff. Thurn und Taxis rye beer. Great stuff. Dark brown and malty and slightly sweet. One of the nicest beer I’ve tried recently.

“buggy function not well beer without… mmmm….. beer….”

Next, the food. We ordered almost the whole range of sausages and the portions were rather small. For $20, we got a small portion of sausage, a pile of baked potato (which was very nice) and a heaping pile of ubiquitous saurkraut (eek). Meh…. passable, if not pricey.

My beef is with the service. While the waitresses were fast, efficient (perhaps TOO much so) and ever willing to give suggestions, I intensely disliked the tactics used where our plates were instantly cleared once the last bite had been eaten, and our glasses whisked away the instant the last drop of beer disappeared between our lips. The worst part came when one of the floor staff came and asked if he could move the 7 or so of us to sit on 1 table meant for 4. This was blatently done so that the restaurant could free up 1 table to seat a new clutch of customers. WHAT’S UP WITH THAT??!

We sent him away with a terse “No chance.” and continued our merriment, but the bad taste was already in my mouth, and I’m not talking about the saurkraut. I don’t expect such tactics to be used by a supposedly upmarket establishment. While I understand that as a business, it is in their interest to turnover tables as fast as possible, but somehow I have the feeling this would not have happened to us if we were a table of middleaged caucasians in business suits.

Well here’s a cheers to a steaming mug of Brot-shite. First and last time for me. BANNED.

But the evening wasn’t ALL bad…

My astute compatriot Mr Nam’s Steven Tyler impersonation is scarily authentic.

“I don’t wanna close my EYEEESSSS~~ ….. I don’t wanna fall asleep….”

“…coz I miss you baby… and I DON’T WANNA MISS A THINGGGG~~~~!!”

Best. Karaoke. EVER.


  1. What the… my pose is somehow… hmm…
    Ain’t that scary??? kkkk…
    Well.. I have to tell you that I needed more microbrewry beer without disturbance from that snobby restaurant assistants!!! Urr…

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