Posted by: buggy | 21 June, 2007

Coffeeshop Memories

I’ll have to admit, I’m not exactly a youngster. But I’m also not old enough to have had the pleasure of eating in many of the coffeeshops of my parents generation.Mention “coffeeshop” to the younger generation and they’d most probably relate to the now ubiquitous Kopitiam chain.

Gladly, there are still some remaining bastions of the coffeeshops of yore. Like the 2 Ophie and me visited for Sunday morning brunch. I’ll apologise in advance that there aren’t enough photos to convey the quaint atmosphere and retro charm of these places. You’d be best served to pay these old coffeeshops a visit before they disappear.

Mei Yuan Restaurant (East Coast Road)

Check out the Sai Baba painting on the wall…


Killer roasted meats. BY FAR, and I mean by the literal country mile, THE best wanton noodles I have ever had. And served on a plate, not in a bowl. 😉 The noodles were thin and springy, the char siew was REAL char siew, suculent and tasty. Not the usual dry paper-thin slices of pork with red colouring which many stalls try to pass off as char siew these days. A generous helping of nicely boiled veg rounds off the dish.

$2.50 and a mouthful of satisfaction

After filling our bellies with the wanton mee, we rambled across the road to Chin Mee Chin Confectionary. A bakery from times of yore, with really good coffee and kaya buns. Who knows how long these old coffeeshops will still be around for.

Chin Mee Chin (East Coast Road)

I for one, intend to enjoy them while they’re still around.


  1. I have not tried the wanton mee in Mei Yuen Restaurant although I pass by it quite often. Must try it one of these days.

    I visited Chin Mee Chin a few times recently. Another coffeeshop that serves similar buns is here. Their coffee and tea are very good too.

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