Posted by: buggy | 4 June, 2007

Buggy’s wheels

I finally picked up my first ever brand new vehicle last Friday, and yes, it’s a van.

I’ve owned a car before, back when I was studying in Perth, but hell, that was a 5th hand junker. A Mitsubishi Colt from the Stone Age. But I did love that car, as all first-time car owners do.

But now, I can zip around in my new baby. 🙂

And I got a pretty spiffy licence plate number too. Anyone who strikes 4D on this number, you know what to do eh…. *hint hint* 😛

In case you’re straining your eyes to see the number, it’s GBA3188T.

Snowy and Elly on a joyride, sun-tanning on the dash.



  1. Congrats on your new set of wheels, Buggy. I drive a Renault too. You are welcome to join Renault Car Club forum if you have not signed up yet. The forumers are generally very friendly and you can learn quite a lot about your vehicles just by browsing the forum.

    BTW, nice number plate. You bidded for it?

  2. Hey Victor,

    You’re driving a Renault too? cool! It’s not a Kangoo by any chance is it? :p

    I got the number place purely by luck! I didn’t even bid for it or anything. How lucky is that?? *huge grin*

  3. No, not a Kangoo but a Scenic II 1.6A. Come join RCC lah. You will find it fun.

    Buy 4D must buy “front” and “back” hor, i.e. 3188 and 8813. Why? Because a vehicle can go forward and backward mah, hahaha. (I learnt this when my car number came out “terbalik” 2nd prize the very first 4-D draw after collecting my car. My wife bought 24-permutation for $24 and striked on a $1 stake.

  4. Congrats on the new Van =) nice colour =)

  5. UGotMail – Thanks! I chose a colour which was a little more unique. Too many silver and red Kangoos on the road these days. 🙂

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