Posted by: buggy | 5 April, 2007

Racoon Tail and a Superdog

I bought this little sucker today at Vivo City.

It’s a cute little soft brush in a racoon container. The brush looks like his tail. At $13.90, I’d say it’s rather pricey to put it mildly. But hey, I was in a buying mood.

Had dinner at Superdog at Vivo City with Nic, Amb and Kheva. I must say, Superdog is like a cross between MOS Burger and Carl’s Jr. It’s a Japanese fast food chain, and they serve… well… hotdogs. Kheva had the hotdog, but I took the burger set, and the pleasant surprise was the chilli fries.

Thicker, non-soggy fries (unlike the limp soggy fries at Carl’s…blech) and a beefy chilli. I could even taste the refried beans. A surprising show of quality. This kicks the ass off Carl’s chilli fries anywhichway. Good stuff!


Here’s what the little fella looks like. You twist his body, and the brush comes out. And what in the world would I need such a device for? Well, I gotta keep my keyboard and stuff dust free don’t I? 😉


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