Posted by: buggy | 1 March, 2007

Chain Gang of Love

Every now and again, one stumbles upon a pleasant surprise.

Like when you paid for 3 hum jim peng, but they gave you 4.

I had my first taste of Danish duo, The Raveonettes at Baylene at Stamford house while shopping with Ophie. The 50’s style Buddy Holly rock and fuzzy hooks and licks were absolutely infectious. I found myself tapping my feet and bopping my head along irresistably.

This album has that kind of effect on you.

I dare anyone to listen to this and not be whisked back to a time when music was dead simple, and heartbreakingly catchy.

“Chain Gang of Love” plays through like a James Dean flick, with standout tracks Heartbreak Stroll and New York Was Great being true gems. Sune Rose Wagner imparts a sometimes errie gender-bending to his singing, and I sometimes wondered if it wasn’t for bassist Sharin Foo’s soft cooing backing up Wagner, that HE was really a SHE.

But that’s the way the album pans out, as a silly romp through all that was fun and crazy. I mean, come on, black leather and motorcycles. Played entirely in B Flat Major using only 3 chords, the album rips along at barely 3 minutes a track, leaving you gasping for air as if you had just roared full tilt down the highway.

And that’s the beauty and simplicity of this album. Short, Simple and FUN.

Excellent stuff.

File under – Late night driving down ECP music. 🙂


  1. Sounds like a nice album =)

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