Posted by: buggy | 25 January, 2007

Blogito, Ergo Sum

Blogito, Ergo Sum

I Blog, therefore I Am

Trust the Think Geek folks to sum it up so well on this great t-shirt:

Free Image Hosting at

“Bloggers everywhere are opening their hearts to the world. Their souls are laid bare for all to see, feverishly tapped out in hypertext. Whether you’re a actor-turned-writer-in-exile trying to find an audience you had once forsaken, or you’re a political wonk showing people who really wields the power, blogs are the great leveler. They bring information directly to the people, bypassing the controls and filters of traditional media.

Then again, sometimes they’re just the useless prattling of me-too writer wannabes with grandiose ideas of readership.

Either way, many people identify themselves with their online personas. Their entire identities are completely wrapped up in their blogs. Some of them believe that if they didn’t have an open and public dialogue with the world, they would simply cease to be.”

Check out the Comments (0)…. 😦

I need help…..

PS: in case anyone has any trouble thinking of what Christmas prezzie to get me…. 😉 *hint hint*

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