Posted by: buggy | 22 January, 2007

Arsenal v Manchester United, 21 Jan 07

There are 8 games a season that every EPL fan eagerly awaits; the clashes between the Big 4 of Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United.

Of all the rivalry between the Big 4, none have more history and bitterness and ill-will than the rumble between Arsenal and Manchester United. Long time top-dogs at the zenith of the Permiership, with pre-Roman Chelsea and “Pack the defence and counterattack with Owen” Liverpool underachieving year after year, this clash was always good for controversy, some flying studs and flying soup and pizza to boot, and MOST importantly, an AWESOME game of football.

So it was with much lip-smacking anticipation that Kheva and I headed up to McDonalds Ang Mo Kio to watch this match with George on his home turf.

Welcome to Old Trafford AMK

This Macs had undergone a facelift since the last time Ophie and I were there (roundabout the start of the World Cup 2006). The interior was much cosier, and they had also installed a McCafe. Spiffy.

We settled for a table right below the screen, as the sound was pretty soft prior to kickoff. This resulted in a neck-breaking viewing angle…. like THIS…..

Free Image Hosting at

The lovely view…

No matter.

We didn’t venture into the heart of Old Trafford AMK to be put off by a stiff neck and blurry eyes.

Unfortunately, no one told us that, upon kickoff, the sound would be cranked up and piped over 10 speakers throughout the ENTIRE Macs, and yes…. even outside the Macs. Lesson learned. That’s what happens when you go for a match at a hostile away ground. ๐Ÿ˜›

I began the first half, by filling my tummy. Twas a day for junk food as I had just eaten a Burger King meal a scant 6 hours earlier. yikes.

REAL men eat ketchup

The first half was a tight affair, with both sides going at each other tooth and nail. Senderos had a typically nervy beginning, slicing a clearance badly, and getting caught out of position on several occasions. How Arsenal sorely miss the injured Gallas. It seemed to me that the Gunners had the upper hand, as they raided Man U’s goal in waves, but never really testing van der Sar.

Man U on the other hand, were trying to make some inroads down the flanks with Ronaldo and the evergreen Giggs but Eboue and Clichy seemed to have the measure of the 2 United wingers.

The half ended scoreless and the crowd was a little restless.

Kheva went to surf the Net at halftime, as I reflected on the 2 old men sitting behind us who kept shouting “RED CARD!!” whenever the referee produced a yellow card. George was looking remarkably fresh, but the sting in the tail was yet to come.

Free Image Hosting at

Can you spot Kheva?

The second half started in very much the same vein as the first half ended, with Arsenal pressing the pace and taking the game to United. “My theory is that the attacking team always concedes the first goal.”, Kheva remarked somewhat prophetically.

And needless to say, the deadlock was broken against the run of play in the 53rd minute as Ronaldo fed the overlapping Patrice Evra to whip in a wicked cross, headed in cooly by Rooney at the far post. By this time, Geroge was grinning.

“Plenty of time left for Gunners to find a goal…”, I muttered.

The minutes bled away till 7 minutes from time, and true enough, the goal came. Courtesy of an Henry cross to Van Persie to tuck it in for the equalizer. I bet 9 out of 10 Arsenal fans would have settled for a draw right there and then, but little did they realise that Henry had other ideas. Deep into the 4 minutes of injury time, Eboue picked out the Arsenal captain and a moment of brilliance later the ball was nestling in the back of the United net off a glancing Henry header.

The final score:

Free Image Hosting at

At the final whistle

A great game.

A great time.

3 happy campers. ๐Ÿ™‚ (well…. perhaps George was scowling a BIT, like in the photo…) ๐Ÿ˜›

The Usual Suspects

ย Till the next big game….


  1. Arsenal always has a knack for scoring super late goals in the last few minutes….What a pain in the ass, 94th min!!!! Henry has been consistently scoring goals since his return…

  2. Great job for doing up this post, Kenitez! It’s sure was an enjoyable night with all you buddies watching a class performance of champagne soccer by the Gunners.

  3. Ally: Yeah, Henry has been on fire since his return. The rest did him a world of good after the strain of the World Cup. Well, for what it’s worth, I still think it’s Man U’s title this season. :p

    Hon-ry: Next time I’m trying the Himalayan Tea. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Man U had being listed as the “Dark horse” of this season’s EPL before the start of the season, and now the hype of it being clinching EPL title and possibility of treble again…the Media…the Critics….=p

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