Posted by: buggy | 18 January, 2007

Are we ALL Green Lanterns?

Couple of weeks ago, I did this quiz, sent to be by Chris.

I spotted this interesting post by Neomeme about all of his friends (and himself too), and even a random sampling of bloggers being Green Lanterns.

Hot-headed. You have strong
will power and a good imagination.

In case you were wondering, no, I’m not Green Lantern. I’m this guy. Pretty accurate I have to say. heh.

You are a wanderer with
amazing strength.

Here’s an interesting extract.
“Looking at the source code for the Javascript quiz, it’s easy to see which questions make someone a Green Lantern. Each question has five possible answers, ranging from “No” to “Yes”. Each mark closer to “Yes” adds 5% to your score, so a “No” adds 0% to your score for that superhero while a “Yes” gives you 20%, in-between answers giving you a multiple of 5%. The questions that affect your Green Lantern score are as follows:

  • Will you sometimes go too far to get your way?
  • Are you interested in space travel?
  • Do you have strong willpower?
  • Do you have one object that you highly value?

Notice that there are four questions for Green Lantern. Since the most you can score on any one question, the highest Green Lantern score you can get is 80%! Many other superheroes have 5 questions, allowing scores of up to 100%. This explains why everyone’s Green Lantern score is 80% or less, and also reinforces the fact that everyone is Green Lantern, even those who got higher percentages for other superheroes, because their scores were 70% or higher. A 75% Green Lantern score is only 5% away from the highest score possible, making it equivalent to a 95% score for many other superheroes. Now for a closer look at the questions, and why so many bloggers answered Yes to most if not all of them:

Will you sometimes go too far to get your way?

The key word there is sometimes. Research has shown that people taking surveys are a lot more likely to answer yes to a “sometimes” question.

Are you interested in space travel?

Well, duh. We’re bloggers, we must have some degree of geekiness within us. Of course we’re going to be interested in Scifi and spaceships.

Do you have strong willpower?

The weak-willed don’t have the willpower to make themselves admit it, even on an anonymous Internet quiz. This is a terrible quiz/survey question, but a great Green Lantern question, because he can only use his ring to materialize objects if he has the willpower to control them.

Do you have one object that you highly value?

For this audience, this question is a no-brainer. Who isn’t in love with their Macbook or cell phone?

So is the Green Lantern going to replace Spider-Man as the geek superhero of choice? Probably not. This quiz suffers from poor coding and question design that weigh it unfairly in the Green Lantern’s favor. Sorry, bloggers. You can take off the power rings you found in your cereal now- the only thing you have in common with the Green Lantern is an overactive imagination.”

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