Posted by: buggy | 29 December, 2006

Adieu 2006

First post of December.

Last post of 2006.

As I sit here at my desk at work, with almost all of my colleagues enjoying their day off, I ponder the need to reflect on 2006 and what it means to me.

2006 has been challenging to say the least. Everyone has difficulties in their life, and needless to day I have my fair share of them. This past year has been tough, tiring, full of tears (much not necessarily mine) and trying. I have learnt much in this year, both about myself, and others.

I have cast my gaze on myself and how when a rat is pushed into a corner, it will lash out with furious vengence at anything and everything in front of it.

I came across, in my opinion, the most poignant phrase of this year while randomly surfing the Net as I always do. A philosophy discussion on a forum yielded the gem:

“That which we most despise in others, is that which we most despise in ourselves.”

Rather than belabour the point, I’ll leave 2006 on this note.

Here’s looking forward to 2007.

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