Posted by: buggy | 20 November, 2006

Blend me up Scotty

Blendtec makes industrial blenders.

And we’re talking about some serious industrial strength here. We’re talking former Soviet-bloc style industrial strength.

One day the CEO was trying to find new ways to test the blender. That gave another employee an idea “video the tests and put them on You Tube.”

5 days later, their little videos of their blender pulverizing rake handles, Coke cans, marbles and other hardcore stuff had 5 million views, and 10,000 user comments on YouTube.

This is the ultimate in viral marketing, and all for a low low LOW cost of US$50.

This, folks, is a sight to behold.




(my all time fave. At first I thought that was smoke… but it may very well be glass dust billowing out)

Rich and creamy awesomeness.

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