Posted by: buggy | 26 October, 2006

[Banned] Food Republic Vivo City

Food Republic at Vivo City.

Like it’s sister foodcourt at Wisma Atria, it’s a themed foodcourt, styling itself after the Chinatown of days gone by. With wooden furniture, and rickshaws. Even the food stall staff wear cheesy straw hats and chinese robes. yeesh….

Well. Apparently you pay for all this schtick in the prices of the food.

Exhorbitant prices. Worse than average fare.

Here’s what Ophie and I had last night.


Cost of Nasi Lemak: $6.30

Cost of Popiah & Chicken Wings: $7.60

Cost of Ngor Hiang: $7.70

Total cost of meal (without drinks): $21.60

Realizing you’ve been totally ripped off: PRICELESS.



  1. Yes!!!! It is very very expensive =p I have never eaten a normal tasting/looking $5 Bah Chor Mee….

    Go to Banquet or Kopitiam Foodcourt. Located in the Basement. Very much cheaper.

  2. orrr… for a fairly nice evening out (at a price), try the german place on 1st floor.. can’t remember nor pronounce the name, but it starts with a ‘B’. Not exactly cheap. Two huge sausage dishes, a gartensalat (garden salad for you non-German speakers) and a lager – $50. But you get a very nice harbourfront view and waiters with PDAs!

  3. If you think your pocket got ripped off, wait till your calves and knees gets ripped out. The long benches of planks supported by protrucing metal brackets are booby traps for your legs….the managements need to quickly look at this safety hazard before some serious injuries happen….

  4. kopitiam foodcourt downstairs is no cheaper, and the food is worse!

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