Posted by: buggy | 11 October, 2006

I’m Addicted to GooTube

There has been a proliferation of YouTube vids on The Basement lately, and I have to say I’m totally hooked on the YT community. I find myself logging on rather religiously to check up on new updates from community members. I guess that’s the whole draw of it.

Google has recently acquired YouTube for US$1.65 billion and it’s raised a bit of an uproar in the tech world, with the rather formulaic moniker

I heard condemnations from sections of the YouTube community saying that YouTube will now be saddled with ads, and so forth (which incidentally, is the whole reason Google bought YouTube to begin with). 100 million views a day translates to a boatload of potential ad revenue.


I don’t see it as much of a problem. Remember, Google also bought Blogger and it hasn’t changed much…YET…. what’s more, Google has come out and said it’ll leave YouTube exactly as it is, and it will be run as a seperate entity…. FOR NOW….

So quit worrying, I say. And keep the vids coming!

One point of contention in the whole GooTube deal was the huge potential for Google to be hit with lawsuits and copyright infringements due to all the content on YouTube, much of which is being “shared” without permission. But hey, look at it another way, like the Honda ad below, thousands of people are still watching it on YouTube, and Honda doesn’t EVEN PAY  A CENT. In my book, that’s free advertising, and that can’t be a bad thing. 😉

Apparently the guys who made this ad didn’t use any digital manipulation whatsoever. It was all done by ppl who set up dominos and it took 606 takes to get it right.

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