Posted by: buggy | 3 October, 2006

N73 and K800i Shootout

Much has been made of these 2 phone’s 3.2 megapixel cameras.

So I decided to pit my N73 against George’s K800i in a shootout.

Well, not much of a shootout considering we only took one shot each. More of a faceoff rather. It’s a shot of George’s coffee mug. We each set the camera to macro mode, and disabled the flash.




To the naked eye, the level of detail in each photo is similar. The text on the mug is visibly defined in each shot. But the clear difference is in the colour saturation. The K800i’s shot has a more vibrant colouration, whereas my N73 looks washed out, with a greyish cast over the whole shot.

After using the N73 for a few days now, I have come to realise that the single most critical factor in these camera-phone shots turning out nicely or horribly, is the lighting condition. Shots which I have taken outside, in bright sunlight are very nice. Those taken in low light conditions like this one, of my Watercress Soup from Fosters, appears terrible.

No doubt, I didn’t use the flash, but the camera just wasn’t able to pull enough of the ambient light in to get a proper image. Instead, the software tries to compensate for the lack of light by adding a strange bluish hue to the photo.

Memo to self: Start saving for a proper digital camera. 😉


  1. Hi Buggy,

    agreed that a digital camera is still the best for its function – taking pictures, i m quite disappointed with my new hp(k800)’s pics on the quality(not really up to my expectation).

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