Posted by: buggy | 5 September, 2006

Cube Desk

Romania’s MTI Impex has this Transformer-esque piece of furniture that really caught my eye.

I guess you could say it appealed to my inner geek. Or outer geek for that matter.

It starts off as a non-descript wooden cube.

Faster than Optimus Prime can chug an Energon cube, it…. well…. transforms into….

Well, viola.

A neat little desk with a seat and a PC.

Pretty neat huh?

Pity I can’t fit my Apple G4 Cube into it.

I suppose it’s not a bad thing.

Considering putting a Cube into a cube would probably violate the laws of mathematics.

Cube cubed would be cube to the power of nine?

The mind boggles.

Just enjoy the funky furniture.


  1. i like the way you design for your Computer,. kinda Unique, I’m so impress to your work.. can you make me one for my PC? thumbs up for your nice work!

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