Posted by: buggy | 31 August, 2006

Paper Shouldn’t Be The Heart’s Attire

I stumbled across Mark’s cool website, chock full of interesting pics and writings. 

Browsing the page with things people write on dollar bills, I spotted this worthy piece of wisdom.

“Love kindles one with fire – Paper shouldn’t be the heart’s attire”

How many times have we told ourselves; “things will be better when I have more money.” Too often we just end up chasing that elusive pot at the end of the rainbow. The moving target. The March Hare. The more you chase it, the further away it gets.

Thom Yorke sang on Idioteque; “Moblies skwirking, Mobiles chirrping, take the money and run, take the money and run, take the money.” Everywhere we walk, everywhere we look, we are assailed by how we should appear, what we should be wearing, where we should be dining.

Mobile phone ads promise us hot babes if we use their latest talkbox, jewellery and fashion houses guarantee us the hunks if we wear their “made in China, designed in Rome” rags and baubles.

Whatever happened to simplicity, to just being happy with what one has. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m guilty of falling into the allure of materialism and consumerism. How many times have I wanted to switch to the latest toy from Nokia, or told myself that, ONE DAY, I’ll own that drool-inducing 30 inch Apple Cinema Display.

Wasn’t it the Fab Four who said “All you need is love. All you need is love. Love is all you need.”


But I do know one thing… truly, paper shouldn’t be the heart’s attire.

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