Posted by: buggy | 15 June, 2006

[Banned] Deep Fried Mars Bar

Ophie had read about a stall at the basement of Raffles City that sold Deep Fried Mars Bars.

"Mmm…", I said as visions of crunchy, oozing chocolatey ecstacy filled my head. I wondered if it was like the deep fried ice cream I had tried a few years ago. It certainly had 3 things in common. They were both confections. They were both deep fried.

They both sounded deadly.

Determined to cram my arteries with yet more cholestorol-ladden goodness, we ventured to the basement section of Raffles City. Tucked away in the small labyrinth of new stalls, in between a herbal tea shop and a stationery shop (a starionary shop is a shop that doesn't move. I'm sure you see the hilarity here), we found it. It was a chip shop called Chippy's. Full marks for originality in naming.

On the menu was the standard beer-battered fish and chips (which self-respecting fish would allow itself to be hit by a can of beer, I'll never know. That's battery I tell you!), onion rings and chicken nuggets. As my eyes roamed past the standard fare, lo and behold, there it was. Deep Fried Mars Bars. Shiver me timbers.

$2.95 for 4 pieces with ice cream. Vanilla or chocolate.

My tummy went into overdrive. I imagined 4 large Mars Bars swimming in vanilla ice cream. I almost blacked out.

"1 bowl of Deep Fried Mars Bars please, with Vanilla ice cream.", I told the girl behind the counter with a silly grin on my face.

Ophie and I were excited. We waited with baited breath as our order was whipped up.

What we got was this.

Hmm…. a small black bowl. 4 tiny balls which looked like fried sotong balls (DoDo brand no less) and a blob of generic looking vanilla ice cream. Guess you could say it was plain vanilla *snigger*

Ophie and I looked at each other. "This…. is IT?", Ophie exhaled.

Let me try to illustrate to you what the so-called Mars Bar was.

The ball was smaller than a normal fishball. At first bite, it was spongy. There was a layer of soft sponge coating. More like a sesame seed ball. The batter was not the crispy type, in fact, it wasn't battered at all! Maybe it knew jujitsu or something. The Mars filling was a tiny speck in the middle of the sponge. If I had 100,000 more tastebuds, I still wouldn't be able to taste much of the Mars choc. The ice cream was cheapo NTUC brand ice cream. Trust me, I know the difference in taste. This was cheap stuff.

For $2.95, what a rip-off.

Without further ado… this place is BANNINATED!


  1. OMG! U even drew up a diagram for this! Shows how much you really got cheesed off eh?!?!

  2. I wouldn’t say I was cheesed off, but rather chocolated off.

    But yes, you get the idea. 🙂

  3. Wow.. thank for the warning.. this is really a rip off.

  4. my friend actually paid a chip shop fryer to fry a mars bar =P wanker im scottish and i had never heard of a deep-fried marsbar o_O

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