Posted by: buggy | 14 June, 2006

Coffee Bean @ Tiong Bahru Plaza

Ophie and me found ourselves at the Coffee Bean at Tiong Bahru Plaza last night. We had eaten dinner at the food court and felt like having a cup of tea. The food court was filling up fast with hungry people and it was getting rather stuffy, what with the fires and boiling soups from the stalls heating up the place.

We retreated to somewhere cooler.

"There MUST be a Coffee Bean around here somewhere…", I insisted.

We eventually found it. Tucked away in a corner outside of the main complex itself, this Coffee Bean had 70% of its tables outside the branch itself.

Ophie and I were pleased.

The handful of tables indoors (god bless the aircon) were nicely lined up at the side of the outlet and we shared an English Breakfast tea. The hot water was free flow, thus the top-ups could go on for as long as the tea held its flavour.

It was also a good night as we spotted Molly the lamb sitting in the display of a gift shop in the shopping area. She was SO cute, I had to have her. Many thanks to the 2 helpful sales staff who specially opened the display to rescue Molly from a life of sitting on the shelf. Welcome home Molly. πŸ™‚

Isn't she the cutest? πŸ˜€


  1. Molly is SOOOOOO kawaii!! so innocent and sweet looking………*hugz hugz* hee…

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