Posted by: buggy | 6 June, 2006

Nespresso Machina

While at the PC Show at Suntec City last Sunday with Pine, we got into a discussion about Espresso machines.

Dude, here's the little fellow I was telling you about.

The Nespresso Essenza C90.

USD$179 which translates to about SGD$305.

Video of the Nespresso in action.

The curious little machine reminds me of a pencil sharpener and loading the coffee pods looks suspiciously like loading the shotgun rounds in Halo.

But it looks very fuss-free and easy to clean, and as long as the coffee pods give good flavour, who cares if it isn't freshly ground right?

The fellow who did the nifty little Nespresso video, Alan Graham writes:

"I’ve been on an seemingly endless quest for the perfect cup of coffee for years. While I’m a bit of a coffee snob in the outside world (illy), my desire for a great cup of coffee at home has translated into a series of complex criteria.


1. Speed. I can’t wait more than 90 seconds for caffeine.

2. Ease. The process must be less than three steps.

3. Clean. I don’t want to spend a lot of time cleaning up.

4. Good. I want a strong cup of piping hot coffee/espresso.


My current coffee solution is the Nespresso Essenza C90.


An amazing step up from the Senseo, which has poor pressure and terrible tasting coffee (although you can find “better” third party pods out there). The Essenza makes a very good shot of espresso or ‘longo’ which isn’t hard to do when you realize it has 19 bars of pressure (same as their more expensive machines).


This is a “pod” machine, but the coffee is quite good and the pods themselves, like the machine, are a work of art. Clean up is simple as well and can be done once a week. The entire cleanup process consists of emptying the spill/overflow tray and the “spent” pod holder.


Operation is also quite simple.


1. Turn on the machine.

2. Pre-Heat your cup.

3. Insert pod, pull handle, press button.

When the cup is finished, the pod self-ejects before the next cup is made. And you never handle the spent pods."


  1. Looks sweet…. and small-ish footprint for a small kitchen countertop. *must-resist-new-hse-consumer-madness*!!

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