Posted by: buggy | 27 May, 2006

The Kiddos do TCC

Couple of weeks ago, Ophie and me were chomping away at our Carl's Junior burgers at the Robinson Road branch.

We both were having their promo burger, the Portobello Mushroom burger. Kind of like a 5 star BK Mushroom Swiss. The patty is bigger and juicier, the portobello pieces more generous and 'shroomier, and the Swiss more Swiss than the Swiss.

After filling our tummies, we wandered around the Clifford area to walk off the cholestorol.

"Hey!", Ophie remarked as we walked past the NTUC Centre.

"There's a TCC up there in the NTUC Centre. Let's go check it out!"

Elly and Daisy stirred inside my bag in agreement. The kiddos wanted to check out the TCC too.

Up we went.

The TCC was a small corner, and the decor was simple. A few couches, and tables strewn around. It was an open concept with no walls or doors. The cafe was simply part of the floor itself, right up from the escalator. Being night, the lights from the opposite building shone right into the cafe istelf.

Browsing the menu, Ophie's keen eye immediately spotted that the menu had been updated. Everything from new appetizers to entrees, desserts to drinks. We settled on the delightfully holiday-ishly named Hawaiian Freeze and Summer Passion.

Elly checked out the coolers, while Daisy read the TCC napkin.

My Hawaiian Freeze was supposed to be some kind of Pina Colada, crushed pineapple and coconut milk. In reality, the drink was bland, and rather lacking in any pizzaz of any sort. I was pretty disappointed.

Ophie's Summer Passion, on the other hand, was really nice. It was passionfruit. Creamy and sweet with just a hint of tang, it was worth it taking a punt on this drink. Topped with a tiny fresh blueberry, we were impressed with at least one of the new creations.

This particluar TCC closes at 9pm, and was nice and quiet at around 8pm when we got there. Being in the financial district, there were hardly any customers at that time, since almost all the offices in the area were closed. A couple of tables came and went, but by and large, the place was deserted. A nice place for a quiet chat, and to bring your pets.

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