Posted by: buggy | 24 May, 2006

Still Crunching, One Year On

I'm sure you must have noticed this Out of Resources message on my BOINC signature.

I'm pretty sad that my favourite BOINC statistics website has fallen on hard times.

"Hi all.

Despite the server move, my web host has informed me tonight that cannot continue for the time being due to the load put on their web server.

Therefore, at the moment, I have suspended graphics generation and stats updates until the time that a new home is found. If anyone knows of cheap dedicated web server space or would kindly like to donate some space, please let me know.

Apologies to all, but I have tried my best to keep the site going til now. 😦


Well, it's one year on since I started crunching for science on 24th May 2005.

I was drawn by the prospect of donating my humble computers to the grand cause of scientific research. Throughout this year, I have searched for signals from alien civilisations from outer space, searched for gravitational waves eminating from pulsars, researched protein folding and unfolding behaviour, and run climate model simulations.

It's certainly been a rewarding journey thus far.

I'd like to think that I've helped in some small way.

Here's to more crunching years to come. 🙂

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