Posted by: buggy | 5 May, 2006

Sunset – J-style

柔らかな陽に 静かに包まれて
yawarakana hi ni shizuka ni tsutsumarete

一瞬のSILENCE 悪戯な天使が運ぶ
isshun no silence itarazuna tenshi ga hakobu

歩きつかれた 長い長い道の上
arukitsukareta nagainagai michi no ue

沈む日射しが 今君を映す you're not alone
shizumu hizashi ga ima kimi wo utsusu

sorry 今は まだ遠いけど
ima wa mada tooi kedo

sorry 今は このまま目を閉じて in a sun set
ima wa konomama me wo tojite

さぁもう一度 歩き出せたなら
saa mou ichido arukidaseta nara

遥かな明日が 見える所まで 送ろう you're not alone
harukana ashita ga mieru tokoro made okurou

sunset いつか 辿り着くように
itsuka tadoritsukuyouni

sunset そっと 君を照らしてる
sotto kimi wo terashiteru

そういつまでも 永遠の中で
sou itsumade mo eien no naka de

Wrapped in the quietness of the soft sunrays
A moment of silence… a mischievious angel brings
Exhausted from walking the long road
The setting sunrays shine on you, you're not alone
I'm sorry, it's still far now
I'm sorry, keep your eyes closed….for now…
In a sunset
Just once more, if you can take that step again…
I'll accompany you till I lose sight of you in the faraway tomorrow, you're not alone
Sunset, came by….(without us knowing)
Sunset, illuminates you softly
Forever…. in eternity….

-=[English translation courtesy of iBon]=-

This J song has been stuck on my iPod for the longest time, and for some reason, I keep revisiting it in my quieter moments. Heartfelt in it's rendition, J's singing on this track is Cobain-esque in it's grittiness and angst. Perfect for a long, lonely bus ride. Music to build sandcastles by….


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