Posted by: buggy | 3 May, 2006

Americano – The misunderstood cup

Like second-fiddle siblings Billy Carter and Jeb Bush, the Americano is the lesser known brother to the by-now ubiquitous cappuccino and latte.

Ophie and I were sitting at the Cedele Bakery in Novena Square and I had just ordered an Americano. Prior to that, I had not tried one before, and honestly, didn't really know what an Americano was. "Some kind of coffee" would be the answer had anyone asked me to explain to them what I had just ordered.

As I stood in line to order, my eyes wandered over the menu above the barista counter…

It had been a long day, and I was tired. An hour long wait at the IRAS to get an official document had drained me. "Mmm… the usual suspects…" ran through my mind as the menu told me that I could have a latte or a cappuccino… or an espresso. "I feel like something different today."

My gaze cast upon the 2 remaining items on the list; Macchiato and Americano. Taking a punt, I ordered an Americano, resolving to try the Macchiato another time. Ordering Ophie a cappuccino, I waited with baited breath as my Americano was whipped up. What greeted me was a cup that looked like a long black.

"What did you order?", Ophie asked.

"It's something called an Americano. Never tried one before in my life"

5 minutes later, Ophie had given me a crash course in gourmet coffee product knowledge. An Americano, is an espresso topped up with water. Espresso beans are different from normal coffee beans. Tastier and hence more expensive, which makes an Americano a higher class version of a long black.

I took a long draw of my brew. Truly satisfying. Devoid of milk, and with a small packet of sugar, the Americano presented itself as a totally different animal to the milky latte and cappuccino. A clean, refreshing taste with mild overtones. I was hooked.

I'm a firm convert to the Americano now.

I gather that the Americano is by far not as popular as it's milky cousins. Perhaps underappreciated, this brew has refreshed my jaded coffee palette, and perhaps there is truth in the phrase "Beauty in simplicity".

Time to search for the best cup of Americano around.



  1. i swear by my macchiato anytime too. need at least one in the morning everyday now.

    luckily, i can (still) survive weekends without coffee.
    most of my colleagues are unfortunately addicted to coffee even on weekends

  2. I've not tried the macchiato yet, but I doubt I'd like it much. A little too thick for my whimpy tastebuds.

    Nevertheless, I will probably try one and write about my experience here. :p

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