Posted by: buggy | 25 March, 2006

Reuters Redux

I'm back at Reuters.

Seems like the departure in December turned out to be a 3 month hiatus instead.

I have to admit. It's nice to be back, and although I'm in a new department and on a different floor, I'm still happy to see familiar faces back at the office like G Cubed and iBon and gang. I missed you guys. *emotional group hug*


Popped down to G's desk after work on Friday to find out that he had purloined a new camera. Being the hapless shutterbug I am, (despite promising myself a digital camera for the longest time), I couldn't resist snapping some shots on his new toy.I first started with a shot of G's blog…

Don't ask me about the giraffe…. I'm not saying ANYTHING….

Then… I was overcome with a sudden shudder of inspiration.

Why not do one of those picture-in-a-picture-in-a-picture-in-a-picture-in-a….well you get the idea.

Then I realised that I'd need several cameras to achieve that effect, so I had to settle for G's camera plus my phone's camera.

So here's 2 Corrine Mays… I didn't hear G complaining. heh heh.

And for a change of pace, here's a pic I pulled from the net of someone else's pic in pic in pic in pic.

He managed to get more pics in pics than me.

I'm mad now.

Going to buy my camera.

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