Posted by: buggy | 22 March, 2006

I get my kicks, on Route 46

Hour 46 of 50.

This has been a pretty challenging 46 hours so far. I've slept a total of 6 hours in these 46 hours. I've answered more phone calls than I care to remember, and I've had more excitement to last me well into next year.

Here's an extreme closeup of Lucky's nose.

Lucky has been my saviour. I don't know how I would have passed these hours if he wasn't here…

We've become very close. I feed him, and clean his poo poo. He entertains me with his antics and disarming smile and ever-ready meow. We fight. We squabble. He scratches me.

I bleed.

We make up.

He shares the sofa with me at night. One night, I was half asleep and I felt a warm furry object curl up at my feet. It was strangely intimate and comforting.

He follows me around the hostel. I hear the familiar tinkling of his bell near my ankles. He's Robin to my Batman, Tonto to my Lone Ranger. Jack Neo to my Moses Lim.

Here's to you, my furry friend… if dogs are man's best friend, then cats are his soulmate.


  1. This cat…

    looks like…



    Nono, i am serious.

    Like really.

    I said i’m serious!


  2. 😡

  3. What a treat! I myself have fallen for Mikes cat here in Darwin, it is a very devious one.

    You work at reuters aswell? Doing what?

  4. Dave,

    How’s life on the organic farm? 😉

    My work at Reuters involves feeds.

    No… not cattle feed, or cat feed… but data feeds, between stock exchanges and Reuters.

    I’d like to think of myself as a data wrangler. I’m the digital cowboy of our times…


  5. Working out the submission for stb and I keep finding things to do to keep me from doing the real work at hand. Found your posting and had an good read. 🙂
    I hope things are working out in reuters.
    Incidentally, played too much with Lucky this evening and he threw up in the middle of the room! All these friskies fish shaped bits in wet chunks all over the floor. Must count as one of the highlights of the job… almost as good as cleaning up german piss on staircase at 4am.
    Man, Lucky is fat. I took away his collar and there’s a indent around his throat… i feel so guilty… now no more tinkering of the bell.. when he sneaks up now…. still he’s pretty useless in catching anything… ok, catching zzz’s he’s pretty good.
    I ramble. I go back to work. Hope you are well.

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