Posted by: buggy | 20 March, 2006

Google circa 1960

It's hour 6 of my 50 hour shift.

As most of you would know by now, I'm heading back to Reuters to a new job.

It all came rather suddenly, and it never fails to amaze me how true the old adage is. "When it rains…. it pours." I, for one, feel that this tends to be a gross understatement as it doesn't just rain, and pour, rather when it rains… it batters you to a bloody pulp with the force of furious vengence leaving one a heaving mass of nerves and shattered promises.So I've had to move all my shift duty into Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, this leaving me free to start work on Thursday. Hence, the wonderful 50 hour shift marathon.

Meh… it's not so bad I guess.

I've been in worse situations. There was that time I stayed awake for 3 days straight in Area E in god-forsaken Lim Chu Kang on army exercise. At least here at the Box, I have aircon at night, Internet and Lucky for company. And I don't have to eat SAF combat rations (ALL HAIL THE THREE YEAR OLD RED BEAN SOUP IN THE RATION PACK!!).

In any case, today's post is this parody of Google.

I, for one, am a shameless Google-head.

I use Google too many times a day to count, I use Gmail until I have GoogleTalk in Gmail (Sorry Danny… dunno what happened to yours…), I have read 2 books on the phenomenon of Google. Heck, if there was a Google brand toothpaste, I would probably brush my teeth with that too.Speaking of brushing teeth, it's time to brush mine, and it's off to bed in about 4 hours.

By then…. 10 down…. 40 to go…

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