Posted by: buggy | 12 March, 2006

Exit Music: Songs for Radioheads

I knew Thom was right.

Inside each of us is a subterranean homesick alien.

Thanks to the awesome awesome people over at Green Plastic, I just found out that there will be a Radiohead tribute album released sometime in April so appropriately titled Exit Music: Songs for Radioheads.

The album will be available from April, whilst a single release of Just by Mark Ronson and Alex Greenwald (frontman of Phantom Planet) will hit shelves on March 13.

1. Shawn Lee – No Surprises
2. The Randy Watson Experience with Donn – Morning Bell
3. Sa-Ra Creative Partners – In Limbo
4. Pete Kuzma with Bilal – High and Dry
5. Mark Ronson with Alex Greenwald – Just
6. Rjd2 – Airbag
7. Matthew Herbert with Mara Carlyle – Nice Dream
8. Lo-Freq – Blow Out
9. Meshell Ndegeocello & Chris Dave – The National Anthem
10. The Bad Plus – Karma Police
11. Sia – Paranoid Android
12. Osunlade with Erro – Everything In Its Right Place
13. Wajeed featuring Monica Blaire – Knives Out
14. Cinematic Orchestra – Exit Music (For A Film)

Shawn Lee doing No Surprises…? THIS I gotta hear…

As soon as this puppy is released, I'm going to be on it faster than Oprah on a Christmas ham.

In other Radiohead goings ons, the boys are apparently rehersing for an upcoming tour… and perhaps tinkering around for a new album. Cmon guys…. It's been 2 years since Hail…

Don't keep me waiting….

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