Posted by: buggy | 19 February, 2006

Small Renovation Works In The Basement

Back to Basics.

The Basement started as a music blog. When push comes to shove, I am reminded of this little rule of thumb: KISS


The Wall of Fame is up. It's my tribute to the seminal albums that have shaped me through the years. It's a work in progress, it's by no means complete. There aren't many albums which would make it up onto the Wall. The first inductee is Thom's Band of Merry Men.
Ah…. Radiohead, how you have changed and morphed through the years. From the brash kiddie rock of Pablo Honey, to the more polished stylings of The Bends, to the immortal android anguish of OK Computer, down past the largely underappreiated, and misunderstood kookiness and spartan landscapes of Kid A, through to the unforgetable (heh heh… bad pun…) Amnesiac, into the introspective Hail to the Thief, you truly deserve every bit of Wall space there is.

Musings will be added on the Wall in due time.

I'm suddenly awash with a wave of nostalgia.

They say it happens in the autumn years….


  1. man

    you people make me depressed. Here I am, living my new cool life without second thoughts
    something to do
    people to talk with

    and you remind me of the old always remaining sub-world. My inner self wants to be there but I’m too weak.

    Cheers to you though.

    Say hi to david.

  2. hi anna.

    inside all of us is a paranoid android.

    don’t fight it. 🙂

    david is in sunny darwin last i heard.

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