Posted by: buggy | 12 February, 2006

Yarrrrr Matey……


It's almost been a month since my last post.

Time sure flies.

I was looking through my last few posts and I realised that there are plenty of dark images and horror themed pictures. (I'm looking at YOU, Jason)

So instead, I've decided to post something funny for a change.

Here's everyone's favourite pirate, Cap'n Jack Sparrow! And his own breakfast cereal! YARRRR MATEY!!! YAaarrrr….

According to the description on the steering wheel, the cereal will be “Naturally Sweetened Chocolate Pearl Shaped Cereal with Pirate Shaped Marshmallows”. The marshmallow shapes include hearts, hats, and treasurechests, kind of a Captain Jack Lucky Charms.Ooooooooo…….


  1. How are things with you?

    We should meet up soon or something..

  2. Hey big guy!

    I’m very very busy right now.

    But yes, we should meet up one day. Maybe dinner. 🙂

  3. i love Captain Jack Sparrow!!! Maybe i should say i love Johnny Depp more. I should go rent it again one day and check out why he said that line about Singapore.


  4. iBon!

    What’s this with you, Jack Sparrow and Singapore?? 😛

  5. pirate-stuff-shape marshmallow? or pirate-guy-shape marshmallow?

    if its the 2nd one, i’ve got a request: can you post a pirate-shaped mashmellow? cause i’d really like to see one! (can’t find it on google images)–>

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