Posted by: buggy | 20 December, 2005

Salt Lake City, Holland Village

Bugg's Take

Last Friday was Gentle Giant's birthday and we went to Holland V for lunch.

Ended up in a "popular, noodle cum dim sum place"…. identity withheld due to last minute intervention from Wei Yun. Anyways, we all settled down and ordered and our food came. Well, mine was Crispy Noodles with Beef and it was ultimately SALTY.
Exhibit 1: "Killer Beef"

Now, I'd like to think that I have a rather high tolerance for saltiness, on the account that I eat out at every single meal, and we all know how much salt and MSG are in our hawker fare. But this salt lick absolutely FLOORED me. My tongue went numb. Gentle Giant wasn't faring any better with his Preserved Vegetable Fried Noodle either.
Exhibit 2: "Killer Preserved Vegetable Noodles"

iBon and Ben on the other hand, seemed to be munching away happily at their totally UNSALTY food. WEAKLINGS!! SCARED OF A LITTLE SALT ARE YA?

Exhibit 3: "iBon's Duck & Chicken Meat Porridge"

By the time I had gotten around to taking a photo of Ben's noodles, he was already almost completely through with it. Man…. I've heard of faster than a speeding bullet and all that, but YOU DA MAN!!

Exhibit 4: "Call in the CSI Team…. we have a situation here…"So, after gutting it through and eating the SALT noodles, I decided to conduct a straw poll of the general saltiness level of the food at the "popular noodle and dim sum place".The benchmark for the saltiness level would be this:

Exhibit 5: "10 on the Saltiness Index"

So here are the results:- Bugg's Crispy Noodle with Beef: 9.5 S.I.

– Gentle Giant's Preserved Vegetable Noodle: 8.0 S.I.

– iBon's Duck & Chicken Porridge: 5.0 S.I.

– Ben's Roasted Meat Noodle: 5.0 S.I.

Needless to say, I'm a little hesitant to eat there again… unless I have room to spare for another kidney stone.

On a slightly unsaltier note, here's GG's birthday prezzie! It's a spanking new Creative Muvo V200! wooooootttt!!!

"Vader, 3 Eyed Toy Story Alien and the latest addition"Vader: "Luke….. wa si lim lao peh….."*
Luke: "Bo koh leeeenggggg………..!!"**

[For the non-Hokkien speaking]
* "Luke….. I am your father….."
** "NOOOOooooooooooo……..!!!"

This food review is endorsed by Bugg's Basement, in conjunction with Hikaru (Hikawwuuuuu!!).


  1. Very nice foto of Hikawwuuuuu.. Will we be seeing more drawings of kishidan?

  2. iBon drew Hikawuuuuu.

    I hope to be able to make some plasticine models of the Kishidan boys soon. 🙂

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