Posted by: buggy | 14 December, 2005

Last Look at my Office Desk

Bugg's Take

First off, many thanks to iBon for lending me her camera to take these shots! You've unwittingly ushered in a new era of pictorial ecstacy in the Basement. mwahahahahahahahahh!!!!!!Right. Now that I've gotten that out of my system….

As many of you know, I'll be leaving my current job at the end of this month. So I thought I'd take some pictures of my desk to preserve for posterity. I'll be cleaning it up soon after and it'll be gone forever. So without further ado…

"Ladies and Gentlemen (and Giant), children of all ages… The Basement is proud to bring to you….. Bugg's Cube (in 5 acts, plus 15 min interval, latecomers will not be admitted)"

Act 1 – "Is it just me…. or did it just get messier in here?"

Bugg: The general chaos. I managed to capture part of chioJess in the background too! Generally a non-descript cubicle. Standard attractions include my CD pile, iPod ads and my Mac-rigami corner. (more on that below) Alas Wei Yun…I've let you down… my desk will never be as clean and neat as yours…. *sniff* *sniff*

Act 2: "….meanwhile…. on the other side of the OK Coral…"

Bugg: Wei Yun's desk. In all it's pristine splendour. Every. Single. Day. (how DOES she do it?!?)

Act 3: "The Pods are aliiiiivveeeee… with the sound of musiiiiiccccc"

Bugg: Here's my CD pile, iPod and iPod ads. The 2 little stone elephants beside my phone are souveniers from Bangalore, and the Thank You card above my biscuit bottle was given by John-san. The styrofoam cup is the first of many coffees I consume throughout the day. Yes, in case you're wondering, that IS a giant Viagra pill.

Act 4: "Don't……ask……."

Bugg: Here's what I usually get up to in the morning. Coffee, Viagra and a prostrate, gel-filled hippo. And there you guys were, wondering where the heck I got all my boundless energy from. pfft…. (notice the horrid coffee stains?)

Act 5: "That's some fine coffee you have here in Twin Peaks…. and gooood Apple pie…"

Bugg: Here's my Mac-rigami corner. Yup, you read it right and your eyes are not deceiving you. For those who doubt how much of a Mac-head I really am… here's my collection of Origami Macs. Ok, I'll give you 2 minutes to stop your hysterical laughter…. 🙂 Pictured are also my Hello Kitty magnet collection from 7-11. (Special mention goes to the green one on my notepad which was a gift from a Hong Kong 7-11! Million thanks to the person who brought it all the way back for me… *wink wink*)

And which guy's cube would be complete without the obligatory babe picture right? The beauty in the green tanktop is Dongli 88.3FM DJ Shi Han. Woooootttt…..

This shall serve as the last record of my desk and cube in the office. It'll all be cleared up by sometime next week. People come and go, but Music, Macs and Babes are forever….

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