Posted by: buggy | 9 December, 2005


PineappleT writes

Pine: Whatever happened to the good ‘ol RPGs?

Pine: Ultima 6 was my first ever RPG. Ran it on a mondo powerful Wearnes 386SX. It had a HUGE 100MB hdd! Years later, Fallout and its sequal proved pretty fun too… especially the combat which allowed you to pick which body parts to aim for. “Hmmm.. should I blow a hole through his eye socket, or just disintegrate one leg and watch him fall over in pain, and tHen blow a hole through his eye socket?”. It was turn-based, stats-mad, and all quite sedentary.

Pine: Anyway, its gone all ‘console’-like these days. Furious clicking and keyboard tapping in Fable gets you monstrous “combat multipliers”, which in turn affect how much you can boost your XP gains from each kill. And no saving when you start your quests… Much like in a Nintendo level I guess. You can, however, do “Hero Saves” in the midst of quests. And oh yah, let’s not forget the Gold, Bronze and Silver categorisations for quests (let’s not get started there). Makes me wanna plug out the mouse and stick in an XBox pad (which, btw, you can now do with the XBox 360 controllers which use USB plugs). Gotta admit though, all that twirling around and combat acrobatics with that flamin’ Sword of Solus is just toooo cooool.

Bugg: Apparently, in Fable you start off as this little fella, and you can grow and develop him from this harmless, innocent-looking little Frodo-like critter……. into…..

Bugg: … this huge buff dude with the kickass platemail and glowing, flaming, rootin-tootin Sword of Solus…

Bugg: When you’re packing that sort of heat…. it doesn’t matter if you’re facing down a towering Earth Troll of something something…. you still end up kicking ass and taking names.

Pine: Even the hardest of hardcore, mother of all Roleplay concepts, D&D, has gone all click-mad in the most current incarnation of the venerable licence, Neverwinter Nights …. Now, excuse me while I got back to pokin’ away at this big white dragon.

Pine *click**click**click**click**click**click**click*

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