Posted by: buggy | 5 December, 2005

The Face of the Enemy

Bugg's Take

We always welcome guests here in the Basement, and my good buddy PineappleT just happened by. And why not? The beer is cold, the music is loud and the place hasn't been cleaned in months. But heck, the roaches don't seem to mind much. Pine happened to surf by from his spiffy, new, tricked out and totally pimped AMD gaming rig and in typical East Coast fashion, decided to take exception to my Apple-centric garage and dis my rides…

PineappleT writes

Wintel Machines – Superfluous stats, more technical crap than you can shake a stick at…What more can you ask of big-boy toys? Departing from the i'm-too-cool design sensibilities of Bugg's Apple gadgetry, Pineapplet proudly presents the apologetically garish bling-bling neon of his modest gaming rig, with innards on display for all to see like some silicon-based peepshow… 8)

And Now For Something Completely Different:
AMD Athlon64 3200
MSI K8N Neo4
PlatinumLeadtek 6600 GTX 128
Kingston DDR400 512 MB x 2
Hitachi 250 MB IDE + Hitachi 80 MB SATA
Viewsonic VA905
Pioneer DVR109
Onboard audio
Centurion 5
Verudium Vortex 430W ATX 2.03

Bugg: Check out the generation of Intel stickers on the chassis, all the way from the venerable Celeron, to the Pentium III to the Pentium4. Bro…. it's an AMD rig… what were you smoking??

Bugg: Righto, what do we have here…? CPU fan. Neon Chassis fan. AND Dual Neon GPU fan? I've heard of fanbois (bad pun COMPLETELY and UTTERLY intended)…. but this is ridiculous…

Sooooo….. rather than spout some Apple talk and defend my turf intelligently, I've decided to fight bling, with bang and say….

"Whatcha talkin' bout homey!? My Apples are da bomb, biaaatchh!!"


  1. pineapplet would like to ask – Is the phrase ‘how d’ya like ’em apples?’ commonly used in the mac world? 8)) Btw, my rig is reeeaally quite modest compared to the nutty stuff out there… go to the various case-mod forums and see for yourself! I jus wanted to play NWN and fable lah.. 8)

  2. sulphurous would like to state for the record: Techno-beng-ism has escaped from Sim Lim Sq and invaded da Basement

    I’ve got nuthin’ to show, except 2 long, 2 semi-long, and one medium sized claw marks on his left hand from that f!#^!# HDB carpark cat who scratched me last night

    !#!#!!!!! (big bad words trying to come out)

  3. Pine>> word up. “Howdya like dem Apples?” is definitely a phrase that gets bandied about in the Mac community. HAHAHHAHAH!!

    sulphurous>> dude, what the hell have you been doing to the HDB cats man? They on a mission to scar you for life! You better seek protection from my Ah Beng gangsta. cheap cheap nia. $50 per hour.

  4. eh, cute lah. when you see one sitting on the roof of your (marder’s, not mine) car, you can’t help but want to think its cute….

    WRONG! Don’t let that cute cute furry thing give you the wrong idea. Those claws come out fast and sharp!


  5. i like that!

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