Posted by: buggy | 31 August, 2005

1000 Songs In Your Pocket

Apple Computer plans to host a special event on September 7th to introduce new music-related products, AppleInsider has learned.On Monday the iPod maker began distributing e-mail invites to the event, which will take place at 10:00am on Sept. 7th at San Francisco's Moscone Center.

"1000 songs in your pocket changed everything. Here we go again," the invite reads, in part.

The slogan "1000 songs in your pocket" was originally used by the Apple when it introduced the the very first 5GB iPod digital music player in 2001.

Sources had previously reported that Motorola and Apple would use the 7th of September to unveil the first of Motorola's iTunes ROKR cell phones.

The phones will be the first product of Motorola's strategic partnership with Apple, aimed at enabling music fans to transfer their favorite songs from Apple's iTunes jukebox software to compatible Motorola mobile handsets.

The Wall Street Journal also reported on Monday that Apple and Cingular had struck a deal that would make the phone available in time for the holidays."Apple also may introduce a line of iPod digital music players intended to replace its hugely popular iPod mini line," a source told the Journal.

Bugg's Take

What new goodies does Stevie have hidden up his sleeves (or in his pockets, for that matter) this time? Could it be new iPods, or the by now not-so-secret Motorola iTunes phone? Whatever it may be, the Apple iPod juggernaut rolls on, kicking ass and taking names. Rio has bitten the digital dust. Who will follow? Will Creative, Sony, Samsung et al be able to go toe to toe with Stevie's 800 pound gorilla?

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