Posted by: buggy | 25 August, 2005


In ancient times lived a man named Tang Sheng. He considered himself a very wise man. He had heard that the sage Zhu Gumin had great power with words.He invited Zhu Gumin into his house. Tang Sheng said: “I was told that you can use words in a clever way. You can even lure a stranger out of his house. But I think you could never get me out of my house.”

Zhu Gumin said: “It is winter. It is very cold outside. I would rather use my skill to lure a person into a house. I could describe the warmth and comfort of a house in such a way that they cannot resist. They must come in even if they want to stay outside.”

“Let us try it,” said Tang Sheng. He stepped out into the cold garden. “Now use your words to lure me inside.”

But Zhu Gumin said nothing.

Tang Sheng again asked him to use his power with words.

Zhu Gumin again said nothing.

Tang Sheng decided to go into his house. But the door was locked.

Listening to what a man says accomplishes nothing.
Listening to what he means is better.
But most useful of all, Blade of Grass, is to listen to what you yourself mean when you ask a question.

Bugg's Take

Moral of the story:

Tang Sheng got owned.

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