Posted by: buggy | 18 August, 2005

Shut Up And Show Your School Spirit!

Whether you went to college or not (or “university” as you Europeeps are wont to call it), you can appreciate the desire to show support for your school. It doesn’t matter if you want to put a sticker on your car, paint your chest with funny letters, or wear a furry animal suit at sporting events. If you love your school you’ll find a way to show it. Well, we’ve teamed up with the fine folks over at STFUniversity to provide an outlet to show a little school spirit.
STFU is our favorite institution, and though many of us attended other universities around the world, we’re encouraging as many people as we can to embrace STFU and its ideals. Tuition is cheap at STFU, in fact it’s free. There are no books to buy, and since there’s no physical campus, you can study as little or as often as you like; though we think you’ll find the more you immerse yourself in the STFU lifestyle, the happier and more fulfilled all our lives will be.
100% cotton, heavyweight t-shirt in Navy blue. “STFU” and “Subsisto Sermo Statim” printed on the front with a strangely-gagged mascot in white, orange, and blue. There is a ‘distressed’ effect on the whole design for maximum University appeal. For the non-Latin-inclined, the motto translates to “Stop Talking Now.” And, of course the year the University was founded is 1337. No qualms there we are certain.
Buy it here.

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