Posted by: buggy | 26 July, 2005

Apple bumps Mini & iBook

Apple today unveiled updates to 2 popular, low-end product lines. The new Mac Mini now features increased RAM (512 MB) and built in Airport Extreme and Bluetooth. The Apple Store now shows 3 base models instead of 2. The top of the line Mac Mini retails at SGD$1248 and features an 80 gig HDD and Superdrive which burns DVDs.

The mobile notebook line of iBooks received an updated enclosure, 512 MB RAM built in, and Airport and Bluetooth standard. The processors received speed bumps to 1.33 and 1.42Ghz (up from 1.2 and 1.33Ghz). The new iBooks now sport new Core Image capable graphics cards (Radeon 9550 32MB).

I have to say I’m not particularly thrilled with the update to the Mini, but the iBook looks to have received a decent tweak. My main gripe is that the Mini still does not have a Core Image capable graphics card, which is very disappointing. Still, this update to Apple’s low end consumer line looks to continue to attract potential Switchers to the Mac platform.


  1. Hey fool!!!

    For your first post you did something so lame?!? nobody cares about the i-stuff.. unless of course its an i-robot… do something more interesting leh…

    if not, i-box-you.. than you know!!! buahahaha.

  2. what? you were expecting the nubile, bikini-clad Nijna assassin babes?


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